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Galeria Mistica, originally established in 2004 as South Tucson AZ first Fine Art Gallery seeks to preserve the guiding principle that Art is humanity’s most sacred gift. We believe the Spirit of creativity captivates the Souls of Artists and then connects us to the hands that created what we see. It expresses human creativity beyond the spoken words. We aspire to be the conduit that keeps Art ever present.

In 2014, Galeria Mistica has elected to leave the world of brick and mortar to enter the world of e-commerce. This bold move allows us the opportunity to place our concentration on bring you access to a few selected Artists whose contributions to the world of Art are established throughout the history of time.

One such Artist, David Tineo, is an example of such an artisan that is driven to express the mysteries and history of Mexican/American Culture. Recognized globally for his intense passion and bold style, Galeria Mistica seeks to locate a very specific cliental that desires to preserve the artistic expressions of this great Artist.

The Artwork of David Tineo

David Tineo is a globally-recognized painter and muralist whose bold, colorful works bring the myths, legends and history of the American southwest to life.  His canvases are brilliant.  The figures in his paintings are larger than life.  From his brush come stories that embrace traditional Mexican folktales, the spiritual truths behind them, and unique perspectives on the paradox of Mexican-American identity in the United States.
There is more to David Tineo’s artwork than can be seen by the naked eye.  We know this simply because the artist himself cannot see his work.  David Tineo is blind, and has been so for the last ten years.  Though his career as a teacher was cut short by macular degeneration that in 2004 came from nowhere and left him legally blind, it could not stop him from being an artist.