Welcome to Galeria Mistica, a place to be with what your heart and soul are experiencing.

GeneGene and Erlina Edwards, owners of Galeria Mistica, have long recognized the power of art as a spiritual expression of the creator and the observer. They know first hand that the wisdom of exploring spirituality is an ongoing and evolving process that affects all lives. Gene locates art that has intentional spiritual or religious qualities and Erlina locates the spiritual teachers that provide classes for spiritual growth. Gene and Erlina view art and spirituality as an integral whole. Galeria Mistica seeks to be identified as an Art Gallery, Framing Center, and Center for Human Emergence – with workshops available and offered year round.

Gene brings his degree in Art Education, background with corporate clients and business acumen to his leadership role of the Gallery. His reputation as a Master Framer is based on his past successes with three previously owned Art Galleries.

Erlina, an ordained interfaith minister and certified Enneagram teacher, conducts classes and workshops in Spiritual Practice Coursework individually and in collaboration with other spiritual teachers. The gallery is the perfect setting for teachers and students alike.

These partners in life and work are celebrating their longtime dream of merging art and spirituality within Galeria Mistica. The beautiful “Spanish Mission” like feel of this unique Gallery was driven by Gene’s vision. The signature of their lives is the relationship of art and spirituality. This has been beautifully expressed in this Art Gallery, Framing Center, and Center for Spiritual Teaching and Learning.

Galeria Mistica, once visited is a place you cannot forget. “We’re breaking new ground” and have created a space where you can nurture your Spirit.

Whether to experience the beauty of creation though the art displayed, have your masterpiece framed, attend a personal growth workshop or host a fund raising event for your favorite non-profit Galeria Mistica will meet your needs.

Visit Galeria Mistica and be prepared to have your senses delighted and your heart touched when you experience one of Tucson’s finest contemporary fine art galleries.